Sly Cooper remade in Unreal Engine 4

About the project

I am currently recreating Sly Cooper in Unreal Engine 4.
The recreation will serve as my introduction to Unreal Engine 4, and game development with C++.
Most of the project is, and will be, written exclusively in C++. I only use Blueprint when I need to.

Current status

Currently implemented:
- Basic character controller
Walking, double jumping, air control, camera rotation.
- Dynamic camera height
The camera will only update its height, when the player is grounded, or far enough away.
This feels more dynamic and causes less motion sickness.
- Basic attachment
The player is able to attach to spikes, and ropes, to help climbing and performing acrobatic movements.
By jumping and pressing the "action button" near an attachment point, the player will automatically fall and snap to the point. The player can simply jump to get off again. Or walk along the line (if it is a walkable attachment such as a rope or a tree branch)
- Inverse kinematic feet
The feet are programically animated to always stay on the ground. Even when standing on stairs

To be improved:
- Line attachment walking
It's incredibly important that the line attachment walking feels good, as the player will constantly do it.

To be implemented:
- Stealing mechanic
Enemies (also to be implemented) will have pockets, which the player can steal from with their long cane, if not spotted.
I plan to use inverse kinematics to extend the arm towards the pocket, and have a trigger on the end of the cane, to check if it hits a trigger in the pocket.
- Climbing mechanic
Will be a lot like attachment walking, except the climbable line can go in any direction.
- More points to come... (feature creeping is bad for your health, you know...)