Martin T. Schultz

Professional: Programmer, App developer, Server Manager and IT Supporter
Hobbyist: Game Developer, Music Producer, Bassist, Video editor, Community Manager, etc...

What I do

I'm a man of many interests. Here's what you properly care about

About me

My name is Martin Thaulow Schultz. I'm 25 years old and live in Denmark.


I can do C#, C, C++, ASP.NET, React, Expo, Angular, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, HTML5 and a few more...


I took datatechnician with focus on programming at SDE.
Most of what I know is self taught or taught from working

Music production

You can find my music on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify and A LOT of other streaming services.
I produce in Ableton Live 10.

Personal projects

These are projects I've worked on in my spare time. Not every project is listed.

Use The Boost! out on Android

After years of prototyping big projects, I decided I wanted to finish a game.
Try it here. It's free and without any forced ads!
You can also read about the project here.

Sly Cooper in Unreal Engine 4

One of my side projects is recreating Sly in Unreal Engine 4. This both serves as my introduction to UE4, and game development with C++.

Primeval (Mixing and mastering)

I mixed and mastered a metal song for some friends. Available on every music platform, including YouTube

Web Sequencer

I spent about 5 hours learning about the JavaScript Web Audio API and made 3 web apps. The design is SUPER simple but the functionality is there. All code is located in the HTML file if you're interested in how I did it.

Log Sync Data

I've released my newest track on Spotify. This is also my first track released on Spotify. It's also available on other streaming services and YouTube

Get in touch

Please contact me on any of these platforms